The Dangers Of pressure washing.

Although it is a fast, highly effective and powerful tool to clean away a grimey front drive or your old patio that hasn’t been washed in a few years or maybe completely untouched, as with every power tool it must be respected.

As mentioned before these power washers are very powerful with a lot of pressure being jetted out through a small nozzle, this could lead to serious bodily harm if it is handled improperly and carelessly. People can suffer Anything from a small cut to a serious laceration through your body and although rare, it could sever a small body part like a finger or toe.

The pressure levels coming from the wand of the washer can be anywhere from 1300-4000psi. To put that into perspective a regular domestic hose you can find in anyone’s back garden can only push out a maximum of around 50psi. That would mean a pressure wash can squeeze out more than 50x times that of a regular hose in pressure.

Not only will it cut, bruise and scar your body. The dirty water can penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin resulting in a nasty infection over time. In fact in 2014 around 6000 people were reportedly sent to hospital due to a pressure washing related injury.

In conclusion, High pressure power tools are to be taken seriously and must not be used recreationally or used by or anywhere near children as it can cause serious injury.

Clarke PLS265

The Clarke PLS265 Pressure Washer is a superbly powerful! The tough and rugged PLS265 petrol driven pressure washer is built specifically for use by garages, fleet operators, plant hirers and contractors. The highly efficient direct drive means that there are no belts or pulleys to replace and the overall reduction in vibration means there is less unnecessary stress on the motor, which in turn will boost the lifespan of the washer.

Working in this company .

This company has treated me and the rest of the staff team with a great level of respect and decency. Going above and beyond for the care and wellbeing of their customers providing warm, water proof and protective clothing depending on the job.

The nature of the job is very dirty as there is a lot of water and mud being splashed around from the floor. Therefore it’s important to wear protective clothing to maintain good hygiene, health levels and professionalism in Ascot and Wokingham.