Post wash clean-up

The most important part of a pressure washing job is arguably the finalising and clean up section of the job. These finishing touches will help with the over-all completion and aesthetics of the job.

As well as Making sure that the jobs left in a presentable state for the customer should be of a cleaners utmost priority, otherwise this could leave you with a bad reputation for leaving jobs unfinished which is indeed bad for business.

The key to this is making sure that all the customers belongings have been placed back the way they were before and to the customers likings. washing everything up with a micro fibre, water and window washing liquid if they need to be cleaned. Especially plant pots and garden ornaments that have been dirtied from the jet wash.

Detailing is what will push your reputation and rapport with your customer from being a one time cleaner to being a trust worthy company in which they will be happy to hire your services again or even spread word about your thorough work to their friends, family and neighbours. The best way of detailing while on the job mindfully cutting away the little grippy spots of dirt and grime left over the bulk wash. Also make sure to slice away the edges of the driveway or patio where grass, mud and weed tend to hang over. It’s also very important to spread sand in between the brick tiles in order to stop fungal growth and maybe even treat the driveway with chlorine or another fungicidal wash if requested.

All these factors will aid a pressure cleaning business in finishing the job to as high a standard as possible developing good rapport with customer and good attention to detail when working.

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