How to set up a pressure washer.

Setting up a pressure washer could at first be a little bit daunting without any prior knowledge on how to do so. However we’re here to guide you through this process.

Although it may seem daunting, it’s no harder than setting up your lawn mower. First ensure that it’s clean and in a good condition to work in and Check if there’s enough fuel. (fuel specifications should be written on the machine.)

Roll the machine to the area you will be working on and find a source of water such as a garden tap or something similar. Now depending on the type of washer, some of the time, you will find a water tank built on to the machine. Ensure there is enough water in the tank for operation, you might want to consider running the hose directly into the tank and if there isn’t a tank, you will find somewhere to attach the garden hose from the tap into the machine.

After simply attach the lance on to the other end of the machine’s tube and any other attachments such as a whirl away surface cleaner. And you are ready to turn on the engine.

In order to ignite the engine with most washers, first you set the refuel switch and choker to off. Then push the throttle to half way point and at the same time squeeze the trigger of the jet gun to release the air pressure. Lastly while still squeezing the trigger slowly increase the throttle to its maximum setting.

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