Pressure washing your car

Many ask, is it possible to pressure or jet wash your car without damaging the paint work? And the answer is yes.

However you must make sure to take great care in the way you spray it. This is because too much pressure and too little surface at the nozzle will strip your car like a razor.

A few precautions to take are making sure you stand a good 2 meters or more from the car when spraying and keeping it at a high nozzle aperture.

Here’s a few steps on how to do the job safely:

  1. Prepare the washer making sure it’s in good condition before usage and checking for damages.
  2. Stand 2m or more from the car.
  3. Open the nozzle to the highest setting and keep it at a wide fan.
  4. Gently rinse the car down of any loose dirt or debris.
  5. Apply detergent or cleaning products used.
  6. Close the nozzle a little bit for a bit more pressure to clean the tougher spots of dirt.
  7. Rinse again.
  8. Dry it off with a micro-fibre cloth.

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