Pressure washing on a budget Pt. 2

Last article we discussed three low cost alternatives to domestic based pressure washers for entry level light use such as car or garden cleaning.

This article we will be discussing a few mid range machines around the 110 bar pressure range, perfect for cleaning light patios, garden grime and moss:

1. Kärcher K4 full control home pressure washer: £230, Amazon. Pressure 130bar.

This is a well built, powerful and very fast machine that excels at cleaning the likes of large driveways and cars but will also cope with more delicate jobs such as wood and bicycles. The unique trigger gun design helps you to move seamlessly between gentle and more powerful spray settings, with an LED light in the handle showing which level you’re on. We like the plug-in detergent bottle and your neighbours will be pleased to know this high-end all-rounder is surprisingly quiet. But it’s heavy, pricey and there’s no hose reel.

2. Karcher K5 compact home high-pressure washer with home kit: £287.38, Amazon

Bar pressure: 145

True to its name, this is smaller than most pressure washers. Together with the two carry handles and the fact that it’s very light at 11.5kg (without accessories), this makes it very easy to move around and store. But you don’t have to compromise on oomph as it’s robust, well made and powerful, cleaning everything from bins to really dirty driveways and cars with ease. It’s pretty much good to go out of the box, with standout features including the “quick connect” connection system (for the lance or hose), two types of lance, filtered suction capability and auto stop.

3. Bosch Universal Aquatak 135 high pressure washer: £149.95, Amazon

Bar pressure: 135

This has noticeably more force than the entry-level machines reviewed here, meaning it can cope with bigger cars and outside areas, and yet Bosch has managed to keep it light and compact, as well as being very easy to store thanks to the fold-down handle. It works straight out of the box – no assembly required – and the three-in-one nozzle means you can switch between different types of spray, depending on your needs, while the high-pressure detergent nozzle means you can apply soap quickly. But you’ll need a premium machine to tackle really stubborn grime and we’d like the hose to have been longer.

~Courtesy of INDEPENDENT for reviews of the products

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