Pressure washing on a budget.

Normally the best purchase for those looking to do a professional surface cleaning job would be to take the highest quality or highest pounds per square inch of pressure washer you could get your hands on. However, that is not always a the cheapest option. Especially for those partaking in a personal domestic job.

If you are not looking to work professionally a good option would be an electric washer or a washer on a budget. Granted it’s always best to pick the highest quality within your budget range so let’s consider a few options.

The first set of washers are for smaller entry level jobs such as cleaning your car and bike:



Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer


Bosch AQT 35-12 High Pressure Washer

These three pressure washers are perfect example of compact, lightweight, manageable and a cost efficient machine perfect for domestic use.

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