Buying a pressure washer

There are two ways of acquiring a pressure washer. These are:


Renting a pressure washer at first may be a cheaper and more appropriate option if being used for a one off domestic job as you have the choice of being free from the hassle of up-keeping, maintenance and storage. It’s important to keep in mind that high pressure power washers can be cumbersome, heavy and storage consuming. Renting the washer will mean you only need to worry about these factors for a limited amount of time.


Buying a unit for professional use can be at first more expensive as you are purchasing the machine out right however in terms of turn-over, the machine will pay for itself in a few months as long as you take care of it much like a motor vehicle, without proper maintenance, cleaning, oil changes etc… the machine can start to break down.

Ofcourse buying a professional grade washer out right for personal use could also be a great option given you have the appropriate storage room and money for up keeping however it may not be necessary, a more affordable option would be to buy an electric or lower power washer for residential jobs as the nature of these jobs around The Berkshire area won’t require Extreme amounts of force.

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